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  1. A minor offence which provided a peg to hang their attack on

  2. According to the criminal law murder can be a capital offence.

  3. Clause 10:To define and punish Piracies and Felonies committed on the high Seas,and Offences against the Law of Nations;

  4. He is charged with three serious offences.

  5. His offences were forgiven him by the employer.

  6. Never hang a man twice for one offence

  7. Offence against the Person Act

  8. Offence of indecently exposing one's sexual organs in public

  9. Several acts constitute a offence

  10. a first offence

  11. a flagrant offence

  12. a pecuniary offence

  13. a penal offence

  14. abominable offence

  15. absolute offence

  16. abstract concurrence of several offences

  17. accomplished offence

  18. accumulative offence

  19. accuser and offence reporter

  20. aforesaid offence

  21. aggravated offence

  22. alleged offence

  23. alternative offence

  24. an indictable offence

  25. an offence against

  26. an offence against decency

  27. an offence against decency [good manner]

  28. an offence against the law

  29. an offence to the ear

  30. an unaccomplished offence

  31. arrestable offence

  32. attempt at a offence

  33. attempt at an offence

  34. attitude after the offence is committed

  35. best defence is offence

  36. box and one offence

  37. capital offence

  38. case of indictable offences

  39. cause offence to

  40. center forward offence

  41. centre forward offence

  42. civil offence

  43. coinage offence

  44. coincidental offence

  45. collective offence

  46. combined punishment for multiple offences

  47. commission of further offence

  48. commission of offence

  49. commit a concurrence of offences prior to any final judgement

  50. commit a offence

  51. commit an offence

  52. commit an offence against

  53. commit offence on account of loafing or laziness

  54. completed offence

  55. composition of offence

  56. compostion of offences

  57. compound a offence

  58. condone an offence

  59. conjugal offence

  60. continuance of several acts to constitute a offence

  61. continue offence

  62. continuing offence

  63. continuous offence

  64. correction for offence

  65. corruption of offence

  66. corruption offence

  67. counterrevolutionary offence

  68. criminal offence

  69. crisscross offence

  70. cumulative offence

  71. danger of repeating offences

  72. degree and character of offence

  73. degree of prevalence of offence

  74. determine the nature of a offence

  75. determine the nature of an offence

  76. disciplinary offence

  77. drug offence

  78. drug offences

  79. duty to prevent sexual offences

  80. early prediction of offence against the law

  81. essence of offence

  82. extra territorial offence

  83. extraditable offence

  84. extreme offence to the marriage relationship

  85. first offence

  86. flagrant offence

  87. 现行罪

  88. forgetting offence

  89. furtherance of offence

  90. give offence

  91. give offence to

  92. graity of the offence

  93. gravity of offence

  94. gravity of the offence

  95. gross careless offence

  96. guilt by an offence

  97. guilt of a offence

  98. guiltless of the offence

  99. habitual offence

  100. hanging offence

  101. heavy offence

  102. 重罪

  103. ideological offence

  104. immediate consequence of offence

  105. immoral offence

  106. indictable offence

  107. indulged offence

  108. insane at time of offence

  109. intentional offence

  110. international offence

  111. investigation of offences

  112. joint offence

  113. kindred offence

  114. lesser offence

  115. major offence

  116. make an offence against

  117. man for man offence

  118. man-for-man offence

  119. matrimonial offence

  120. means of offence and defence

  121. military offence

  122. minor offence

  123. minor offence law

  124. minor traffic offence

  125. misconduct offence

  126. motion offence

  127. motoring offence

  128. nature of the offence

  129. negligent offence

  130. non arrestable offence

  131. non extraditable offence

  132. non fatal offence

  133. notifiable offence of setting fire to a building

  134. notifiable offence of trying to murder someone

  135. notifiable offence ofchanging or destroy or hiding financial record for money

  136. offence acts against public order

  137. offence affecting life

  138. offence against a individual

  139. offence against constitution

  140. offence against dead bodies

  141. offence against election

  142. offence against friendly relations with foreign state

  143. offence against honour

  144. offence against husbandry,industry and commerce

  145. offence against international law and order

  146. offence against law

  147. offence against marriage and the family

  148. offence against morality

  149. offence against neutrality

  150. offence against official secrets

  151. offence against person

  152. offence against persons having official titles

  153. offence against privacy

  154. offence against public security

  155. offence against representatives of foreign governments

  156. offence against social order

  157. offence against the bankruptcy law

  158. offence against the justice

  159. offence against the law

  160. offence against the person

  161. offence against the person ordinance

  162. offence against the socialist economic order

  163. offence against traffic laws

  164. offence and defence

  165. offence concerning dangerous building

  166. offence concerning voting

  167. offence due to disturbance of self consciousness

  168. offence for making false declaration

  169. offence in sleepdrunkenness

  170. offence involving begging for alms

  171. offence involving interference with course of justice

  172. offence involving unlawful assembly

  173. offence of abandonment

  174. offence of absorbing property

  175. offence of arson

  176. offence of betraying state secrets

  177. offence of bigamy

  178. offence of bribery

  179. offence of bribery at elections

  180. offence of bribery in connection with grant of honours

  181. offence of bribing foreign public officials

  182. offence of bribing office holder

  183. offence of concealment of offenders

  184. offence of conspiring to overthrow the government

  185. offence of conviction

  186. offence of corruption

  187. offence of counterfeiting bank notes

  188. offence of counterfeiting currency

  189. offence of counterfeiting national currency,or trafficing counterfeited national currency

  190. offence of counterfeiting valuable bills

  191. offence of counterfeiting valuable security

  192. offence of counterrevolution

  193. offence of covering up the criminal

  194. offence of covering up the criminals

  195. offence of defacing public property

  196. offence of denuding woods

  197. offence of dereliction of duty

  198. offence of desecrating religious rites and of trespassing grave and corpses

  199. offence of destruction and damage

  200. offence of detrimental to public moral

  201. offence of detrimented to public moral

  202. offence of disclosing military secrets

  203. offence of disclosing personal secrets

  204. offence of disrupting the money and banking

  205. offence of disturbance of public order

  206. offence of election bribery

  207. offence of endangering the public peace

  208. offence of environmental pollution

  209. offence of evading taxes

  210. offence of extorting confessions by torture

  211. offence of fleeing

  212. offence of forging and reselling tickets of planned supply

  213. offence of forging documents and seals

  214. offence of forging measure and weight

  215. offence of forging national currency

  216. offence of forging negotiable instruments

  217. offence of graft and embezzlement

  218. offence of handling stolen goods

  219. offence of harbouring criminals

  220. offence of harbouring the stolen goods and contrabands

  221. offence of hindering the exercise of public functions

  222. offence of homicide by conspiracy

  223. offence of illegal fishing aquatic product

  224. offence of illegal hunting

  225. offence of illegal infringement of citizens

  226. offence of illegal smuggling of persons

  227. offence of illegally chopping down trees

  228. offence of indecent activities

  229. offence of injuring personal reputation and credit

  230. offence of intentional killing

  231. offence of interference with submarine cables

  232. offence of interference with the freedom of marriage

  233. offence of interfering with balloting

  234. offence of libel

  235. offence of misappropriating national funds and materials specially appointed

  236. offence of misconduct in office

  237. offence of murder

  238. offence of negligently breaching dikes

  239. offence of negligently causing explosions

  240. offence of negligently endangering public security by using other dangerous means

  241. offence of negligently injurying another seriously

  242. offence of negligently sabotaging communication equipment

  243. offence of negligently sabotaging means of transportation

  244. offence of negligently sabotaging transportation equipment

  245. offence of negligently spreading poisons

  246. offence of passing off the patent

  247. offence of pilfering

  248. offence of plotting a armed rebellion

  249. offence of poisoning

  250. offence of prosecuting false charges

  251. offence of rape

  252. offence of receiving stolen or unlawfully obtained property

  253. offence of resisting taxes

  254. offence of restraining personal liberty

  255. offence of rewarding or praising crimes

  256. offence of robbery

  257. offence of sabotaging collective production

  258. offence of smashing counterfeited national currency

  259. offence of smuggling

  260. offence of speculation and profiteering

  261. offence of speculative arbitrage or evading foreign exchange

  262. offence of splitting the state

  263. offence of unlawful use of the mails

  264. offence of unlawfully intruding into another's residence

  265. offence of usury

  266. offence play

  267. offence related to drink

  268. offence relating to opium

  269. offence reporter

  270. offence to the pbulic

  271. offence triable summarily

  272. offences against marriage and domestic relation

  273. offences against property and possession

  274. offences against the post office

  275. offences against the state

  276. offences of escape

  277. offences relating to road traffic

  278. one four man for man offence

  279. one-four man-for-man offence

  280. one-four offence

  281. ordinary offence

  282. parking offences

  283. particulars of offence

  284. party to offences

  285. pattern offence

  286. pecuniary offence

  287. penal offence

  288. penitentiary offences

  289. petty offence

  290. pitiable and excusable offence

  291. police offence

  292. police offence to sea and river banks

  293. political offence

  294. pressing offence

  295. pretended offence

  296. prevalent offence

  297. prosecution of offences

  298. prosecution of writers accused of literary offence

  299. provocation or incitement encountered at the time the offence in committed

  300. punishable offence

  301. punishment of the more serious offence

  302. purge a offence

  303. purge an offence

  304. road traffic offences

  305. rolling offence

  306. second offence

  307. seizable offence

  308. serious offence

  309. set up a offence

  310. set up an offence

  311. several offences

  312. sexual criminal offence

  313. sexual offence

  314. sexual offences

  315. statement of offence

  316. statutory offence

  317. street offence

  318. street offences

  319. stress offence

  320. style of offence

  321. summary offence

  322. summary offences

  323. suspected offence

  324. take offence

  325. take offence at

  326. take offence at sth

  327. to take offence

  328. traffic offence

  329. trivial offence

  330. unnatural offence

  331. weapon of offence

  332. weapons of offence

  333. without offence


  1. The anti-British propaganda gave (ie caused) much offence.

  2. Appearing naked in public is an offence against decency.

  3. A fine for this offence is automatic.

  4. Parking with your car bumper overhanging the pavement may seem trivial to you,but in the eyes of the law it is still an offence.

  5. That simply compounds the offence.

  6. Offence is the best defence.

  7. The best defence is offence.

  8. Whether a gun is a weapon of offence or a weapon of defense depends on which end of it you are at.

  9. He was convicted of drug offences and deported.

  10. They were arrested for drug offences.

  11. Even the slightest offence would make Jack nervous.

  12. Please excuse the offence this time:I will not do it again.

  13. For such a serious offence he was lucky to get away with a fine.

  14. He behave himself so as not to give offence to others.

  15. For an offence of this gravity,imprisonment is the usual punishment.

  16. The guidelines lies down rules for dealing with traffic offence.

  17. Harboring criminals is an offence in law.

  18. Harbouring criminals is an offence in law.

  19. The government officer committed an impeachable offence.

  20. He continue to maintain his technical innocence of any indictable offence.

  21. I'm sorry;I intended no offence when I said that.

  22. Such an offence will lead to a summary fine.

  23. This article is liable to give offence to many people.

  24. I'm sure he didn't mean to cause offence (to you).

  25. One cannot hear such a remark without taking offence.

  26. No offence (meant)!

  27. Any citizen may arrest a person who is committed a serious offence,though members of the police force has wider power,in particular the power to arrest persons on suspicion of a serious crime or in cases where an arrest warrant have been granted.

  28. We can afford to overlook minor offences.

  29. The law prescribes heavy penalties for this offence.

  30. The law does not prescribe for such offences.

  31. They should be probated for first offences.

  32. Petty criminals in the eighteenth century got the rough end of the stick when they were transported to Australia for what we would now regard as minor offences.

  33. He is swift to take offence.

  34. He is so easily rubbed up the wrong way;everything you say her seems to take offence at.

  35. He continued to maintain his technical innocence of any indictable offence.

  36. "No offence,John?"And John laughed."Not between old comrades in arms,"he said,and backed out and along the top corridor away form a tyke you couldn't trust as far as you could throw him.

  37. One cannot hear such a remark without offence.

  38. Driving while drunk is a serious offence.

  39. His offences were forgiven him by the employer.

  40. The judge decided to go easy on the youth because it was his first offence.

  41. It remained open to question,no matter what the courts found,whether Mr Johnson had been rightly convicted for the offence.

  42. His offence is so serious that I doubt whether he can be pardoned for it.

  43. Offence of remove goods without pay for them or of refuse to pay a bill.

  44. The tribunal's term of reference do not cover traffic offence.

  45. He is charged with three serious offences.

  46. Notifiable offence when a number of people come together to commit a breach of the peace or any other crime

  47. Article 47 Any State functionary who abuses his power,neglects his duty or commits malpractices for selfish ends,if the offence constitutes a crime,shall be investigated for criminal liability in accordance with law;

  48. Any of a group of offences of which a person is accused

  49. back line offence/back row attack

  50. The Chamber has rushed legislation through making the carrying of firearms a serious offence.

  51. The Chamber has rushed through legislation making the carrying of firearms a serious offence.

  52. Illegal abortion if a notifiable offence.

  53. Illegal abortion is a notifiable offence.

  54. In addi-tion,the defence must be so strong that the enemy would not even dare to contemplate an attack. This proactiveness is thus not on-ly in defence,but in offence as well.

  55. If an advertisement does not tell the truth,the advertiser is committing an offence.

  56. When someone harms a peasant association by word or deed and the offence is a minor one,the peasants collect in a crowd and swarm into the offender's house to remonstrate with him.

  57. According to the criminal law murder can is a capital offence.

  58. She took some offence at her boy friend's words,and afterwards showed him the cold shoulder.

  59. consideration in dealing with others and avoiding giving offence.

  60. He added that before the offence Mrs. Barlow had led a"socially splendid and responsible"life and had been too proud to ask for help with her finances (which have since been resolved by the sale of her cottage).

  61. Senior triad members were arrested and prosecuted for various triad-related offences in several major operations.

  62. See appendix b for the clear-up rate of notifiable offence.

  63. Other plans include the proposed extension of the Superintendent's Discretion Scheme to cover minor opiate offences.

  64. a military court convened to hear urgent charges of offences committed in action.

  65. The minister is arrested and charged with offence against the official secrets act.

  66. offence of helping and encouraging someone to commit a crime

  67. the body of evidence that constitute the offence;the objective proof that a crime has been committed (sometimes mistakenly thought to refer to the body of a homicide victim).

  68. During the year,8169 persons who had been convicted of possessing or trafficking in dangerous drugs,deception,theft,forgery and other criminal offences were considered for deportation and 629 were deported.

  69. A total of 912 persons were arrested for drug-related offences.

  70. Because it was the youth's first offence,the police sergeant spoke to him like a Dutch uncle and warned him not to get into any more trouble.

  71. An offence reporting system will be established with telephone numbers and email address published for public supervision.

  72. Article 46 Whoever withholds or embezzles funds or goods set aside for earthquake disaster relief,if the offence constitutes a crime,shall be investigated for criminal liability in accordance with law;

  73. Police and the Customs and Excise Department made 12 483 arrests for narcotics offences,compared with 14 827 in 1996.

  74. Offence of indecently exposing one's sexual organs in public

  75. Clause 10:To define and punish Piracies and Felonies committed on the high Seas,and Offences against the Law of Nations;

  76. In appropriate cases,remedies available shall also include the seizure,forfeiture and destruction of the infringing goods and of any materials and implements the predominant use of which has been in the commission of the offence.

  77. nor shall any person be subject for the same offence to be twice put in jeopardy of life or limb;

  78. In 2001,there were 21 041 convictions in the courts for offences related to hawking.

  79. He is always cautious of giving offence to others.

  80. Because of the seriousness of the offence I have no option but to request the maximum penalty.

  81. a court-martial to try soldiers for offences less serious that than those comitted in action;consists of at least three officers.

  82. They were suspected to be in connection with trafficking of dangerous drugs and other criminal offences such as murder and robbery.

  83. Magistrates also handle cases in the Juvenile Courts,which deal with offences,except homicide,committed by children and young persons below 16 years of age.

  84. Not long ago some leading administrative organs in Shanghai were violated,and this type of offence cannot be allowed to happen again.

  85. He took it in mortal offence,and from that moment has been hauling off.

  86. I'm moving out no offence to you or the people who live here,but I just don't like the atmosphere.

  87. Repetition of a libel is an offence.

  88. Special Magistrates handle minor offences such as littering and traffic contraventions.

  89. Special Magistrates handle routine cases such as littering and minor traffic offences.

  90. For a minor offence.

  91. You can hardly urge that in mitigation of the offence.

  92. Robbery and murder are both offences against the common law.

  93. No offence!

  94. She easily takes offence.

  95. For a first bookable offence.

  96. She is serving time for terrorist offences.

  97. I personally think the president committed impeachable offences.

  98. In 1997,314 persons were prosecuted and 59 cautioned for minor offences.

  99. a court that has power to prosecute for traffic offences.

  100. Magistrates exercise criminal jurisdiction over a wide range of offences.

英英解释(Powered By WordNet):

    [1.n.offence]同义词:[offense(n.进攻)] [offence(n.犯罪,冒犯,违反,罪过,过错 n. [军]攻击)] [offensive(adj.讨厌的,无礼的,攻击性的 n.进攻,攻势)]
    注释例句:the action of attacking an enemy
    上位词 -> [operation(n.运转,操作,实施,作用,业务,工作,手术,军事行动)] [activity(n.活跃,活动性,行动,行为,[核]放射性)] [act(n.幕,法案,法令,动作,举动,节目,(戏剧的)幕 vi.行动,产生...的效果,担当,表演,假装,表现,见效 vt.扮演,装作)] [event(n.事件,事变,结果,活动,精力,竞赛)] [psychological feature(心理特征)] [abstraction(n.提取)] [entity(n.实体)]
    下位词 -> [counteroffensive(n.反攻,反击)] [dirty war] [rollback(n.反转,压价)]
    [2.n.offence]同义词:[offense(n.进攻)] [offence(n.犯罪,冒犯,违反,罪过,过错 n. [军]攻击)]
    注释例句:the team that has the ball (or puck) and is trying to score
    上位词 -> [team(n.队,组)] [unit(n.个体,(计量)单位,(军队的)部队单位,[数学]最小的整数)] [organization(n.组织,机构,团体)] [social group] [group(n.团体,组,团,群,批,[地]界,[化]基 v.聚合,成群)] [abstraction(n.提取)] [entity(n.实体)]
    反义词 -> [defence(n.防卫,防卫设备 n. [律](被告的)答辩、辩护)]
    [3.n.offence]同义词:[umbrage(n.树荫,不快)] [offense(n.进攻)] [offence(n.犯罪,冒犯,违反,罪过,过错 n. [军]攻击)]
    注释例句:a feeling of anger caused by being offended;"he took offence at my question"
    上位词 -> [anger(n.怒,愤怒 v.恼火)] [emotion(n.情绪,情感,感情)] [feeling(n.触觉,知觉,感觉,情绪,同情 adj.富于感情的,富于同情心的,衷心的,有同情心的,有感觉的,仁慈的)] [state(n.情形,状态,国家,政府,州 adj.国家的,国有的,国营的,州的,正式的,典礼用的 vt.声明,陈述,规定)] [attribute(n.属性,品质,特征,加于,归结于)] [abstraction(n.提取)] [entity(n.实体)]
    派生词 -> [offend(v.犯罪,冒犯,违反,得罪,使...不愉快)]
    [4.n.offence]同义词:[discourtesy(n.无礼)] [offense(n.进攻)] [offence(n.犯罪,冒犯,违反,罪过,过错 n. [军]攻击)] [offensive activity]
    注释例句:a lack of politeness;a failure to show regard for others;wounding the feelings or others
    上位词 -> [behavior(n.举止,行为)] [activity(n.活跃,活动性,行动,行为,[核]放射性)] [act(n.幕,法案,法令,动作,举动,节目,(戏剧的)幕 vi.行动,产生...的效果,担当,表演,假装,表现,见效 vt.扮演,装作)] [event(n.事件,事变,结果,活动,精力,竞赛)] [psychological feature(心理特征)] [abstraction(n.提取)] [entity(n.实体)]
    下位词 -> [derision(n.嘲笑)] [indelicacy(n.粗俗)] [insolence(n.傲慢)] [insult(n.侮辱,凌辱 vt.侮辱,凌辱)] [presumption(n.假定)] [rebuff(n.回绝 v.回绝)]
    [5.n.offence]同义词:[crime(n.犯罪,犯罪行为,罪行,罪恶)] [offense(n.进攻)] [criminal offense] [criminal offence] [offence(n.犯罪,冒犯,违反,罪过,过错 n. [军]攻击)] [law-breaking]
    注释例句:(criminal law) an act punishable by law;usually considered an evil act;"a long record of crimes"
    上位词 -> [transgression(n.违反,犯罪,[地]海侵,海进)] [wrongdoing(n.坏事,不道德行为)] [activity(n.活跃,活动性,行动,行为,[核]放射性)] [act(n.幕,法案,法令,动作,举动,节目,(戏剧的)幕 vi.行动,产生...的效果,担当,表演,假装,表现,见效 vt.扮演,装作)] [event(n.事件,事变,结果,活动,精力,竞赛)] [psychological feature(心理特征)] [abstraction(n.提取)] [entity(n.实体)]
    下位词 -> [barratry(n.诉讼教唆)] [capital offense] [cybercrime] [felony(n. [律]重罪)] [forgery(n.伪造物,伪造罪,伪造)] [fraud(n.欺骗,欺诈行为,诡计,骗子,假货)] [Had crime] [hijack(vt.抢劫,劫持,劫机,揩油)] [mayhem(n.伤害罪之一种,故意的伤害罪)] [misdemeanor(n. <美>(=misdemeanour)[律]轻罪,(与felony相对,英国1967年刑法条例已废除misdemeanour和felony之间的一切区别))] [perpetration(n.做坏事,犯罪)] [attack(n.进攻,攻击,(用语言)抨击,批评,疾病发作,侵袭 vt.攻击,抨击,动手处理(某事) vi.攻击)] [Tazir crime] [statutory offense] [thuggery(n.暗杀,谋财害命)] [treason(n.叛逆,通敌,背信,叛国罪)] [vice crime] [victimless crime] [war crime(n.战争犯罪)]
    所有 -> [criminal law(刑法)]
    种类 -> [criminal law(刑法)]
    所有 -> [kidnap(vt.诱拐(小孩),绑架,勒赎)] [shanghai((用酒或麻醉剂)使...失去知觉而把人劫掠到船上去服劳役)] [commandeer(vt.征募,霸占)] [skyjack(v.劫机)] [carjack] [extort(v.敲诈,逼取,强取,勒索)] [blackmail(n.勒索,勒索所得之款 vt.勒索)] [scalp(v.剥头皮 n.头皮)] [bootleg(v.私卖(酒))] [run(n.跑,赛跑,奔跑,运转,趋向 vi.跑,奔,逃跑,竞选,跑步,蔓延,进行,行驶 vt.使跑,参赛,追究,使流,管理,运行,开动 adj.熔化的,融化的,浇铸的 vbl. run的过去式和过去分词)] [foist off] [push(n.推,推动,奋发,干劲,进取心,攻击 vt.推,推动,推行,逼迫,增加 vi.推,推进,增加,努力争取)] [black marketeer] [pyramid(n.角锥、棱椎,金字塔,叠罗汉 v. (使)成金字塔状,(使)渐增,(使)上涨)] [ransom(n.敲诈,勒索 vt.赎回,勒索赎金)] [traffic(n.交通,通行,运输,贸易,交通量,交易,交往,通信量 vi.交易,买卖 vt.在...通行,用...作交换)] [rustle(n.沙沙声,飒飒声 vi.发出沙沙声,奋力工作,急速移动 vt.使沙沙响)] [shoplift(vt,vi.从商店中偷商品)] [hold up(v.举起,支撑,继续下去,阻挡,拦截)] [mug(n.杯子)] [pirate(n.海盗,盗印者,盗版者,侵犯专利权者 vt.盗印,盗版,掠夺,翻印 vi.做海盗)] [plagiarize(v.剽窃,抄袭)] [crib(n.婴儿床,食槽,栅栏 vi.抄袭 vt.拘禁,关入栅栏)] [bribe(n.贿赂 vt.贿赂,向...行贿)] [rake off] [buy off(v.收买)] [loot(v.掠夺,抢劫,劫掠 n.掠夺物,战利品,抢劫)] [smuggle(n.走私,偷带 v.走私)] [kick back(v.踢回,反冲,交付(租金,佣金,酬金等))]
    种类 -> [kidnap(vt.诱拐(小孩),绑架,勒赎)] [shanghai((用酒或麻醉剂)使...失去知觉而把人劫掠到船上去服劳役)] [commandeer(vt.征募,霸占)] [skyjack(v.劫机)] [carjack] [extort(v.敲诈,逼取,强取,勒索)] [blackmail(n.勒索,勒索所得之款 vt.勒索)] [scalp(v.剥头皮 n.头皮)] [bootleg(v.私卖(酒))] [run(n.跑,赛跑,奔跑,运转,趋向 vi.跑,奔,逃跑,竞选,跑步,蔓延,进行,行驶 vt.使跑,参赛,追究,使流,管理,运行,开动 adj.熔化的,融化的,浇铸的 vbl. run的过去式和过去分词)] [foist off] [push(n.推,推动,奋发,干劲,进取心,攻击 vt.推,推动,推行,逼迫,增加 vi.推,推进,增加,努力争取)] [black marketeer] [pyramid(n.角锥、棱椎,金字塔,叠罗汉 v. (使)成金字塔状,(使)渐增,(使)上涨)] [ransom(n.敲诈,勒索 vt.赎回,勒索赎金)] [traffic(n.交通,通行,运输,贸易,交通量,交易,交往,通信量 vi.交易,买卖 vt.在...通行,用...作交换)] [rustle(n.沙沙声,飒飒声 vi.发出沙沙声,奋力工作,急速移动 vt.使沙沙响)] [shoplift(vt,vi.从商店中偷商品)] [hold up(v.举起,支撑,继续下去,阻挡,拦截)] [mug(n.杯子)] [pirate(n.海盗,盗印者,盗版者,侵犯专利权者 vt.盗印,盗版,掠夺,翻印 vi.做海盗)] [plagiarize(v.剽窃,抄袭)] [crib(n.婴儿床,食槽,栅栏 vi.抄袭 vt.拘禁,关入栅栏)] [bribe(n.贿赂 vt.贿赂,向...行贿)] [rake off] [buy off(v.收买)] [loot(v.掠夺,抢劫,劫掠 n.掠夺物,战利品,抢劫)] [smuggle(n.走私,偷带 v.走私)] [kick back(v.踢回,反冲,交付(租金,佣金,酬金等))]
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